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Think of an issue or a specific question you have in mind. Focus on it and then pick out 3 cards from the deck below. Each card will provide a unique insight into your future and will give you a brief on what to expect. Each of the card drawn as per their sequence mean a particular thing, depending on the current situation you are facing. Get free Tarot reading, Tarot Predictions and choose tarot cards to know what is there for your life from tarot predictions. The 3 card Personal Tarot Card Reading provides an exclusive insight into the answers that your heart is looking for. A person’s life is a combination of what is destined and that which can be controlled; but who is actually responsible for the complex? Occurrences in one’s life cannot be ascertained.

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The Tarot Muse Carolyn R. Tarot Inspires and Empowers! My relationship with both the Tarot and Jane Austen began in high school, although that is my only connection between the two. She has been both a Tarot and Austen devotee for over thirty years, and it shows in this excellent collaboration with illustrator Lola Airaghi. Card Games. What, you might well ask, do Jane Austen and the Tarot have in common?

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I used to think that finding true love was a fairy tale, something that happened to other people maybe or only in stories. And the tarot cards played a large role in bringing us together. Keep reading for the full post…. Whether you want to find your true-love-forever partner or just someone for tonight, your tarot cards have got you covered. The cards help YOU make better decisions, by helping you to see your damaging patterns and investigate all of your relationship options with clarity.

But first — if you want to take this seriously — download the free PDF printable to record your tarot readings.

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Tarot cards are used for divination. The art of reading Tarot is a type of cartomancy or fortune telling using cards. Although this is the basic use of tarot cards, they can be used for so much more. A Tarot card reader can help you answer any of your burning questions, help you see your past and present more insightfully, help you reflect on your behavior, and really anything that you can think of.

Find out the solution to your problem. Your chart is studied on the basis of Vedic Astrology and you can ask any questions related to any aspect of your life.

Connect With a Tarot Reader and Get Answers to Life’s Questions. #​tarotcardreading #vedicastrology #futureprediction #matchmaking #​talktoastrloger.

I am 56 year old and started learning astrology at very young age from my uncle Mr. Astrology was only a hobby. I was working with Govt. Of India. Astrology become more profession when I landed in New York City in I have the privilege to have more than satisfied families by my predictions. Read More Sign In Sign Up. A Little about the owner of Hinduastrology. Free Horoscope Know your stars for free, Get a free personal natal chart report online here.

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My areas of specialization include love marriage divorce job, career matchmaking finance and wealth. With my articulated proficiency in Tarot Card Reading, am a.

It follows Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia as she works to find suitable life partners for hopeful, eligible, and at times reluctant Indian singles—all with the help of their eager families. Although marriage customs in India have evolved over time, certain traditions remain. Along with a collection of “biodata” and a life coach, Sima’s matchmaking toolkit includes on-call astrologers and a face-reader to determine the personality, compatibility, and the future of the potential matches.

Most people are familiar with astrology, but probably not face reading. When Sima consulted face reader Janardhan Dhurbe for insight into the prospective matches, personalities, and their future, it sent the internet buzzing. It has roots in various cultures, notably in India, China, and Greece. Face reading is used across cultures and classes, including by hopeful parents to determine suitable marriage proposals.

While Western physiognomy tends to focus on character traits, the Chinese system Mian Xiang has a “year map” in which moles, scars, or markings indicate significant events that will happen at a particular age. In India, various Vedic texts reference face reading or mukh samudrik. These correspond with five basic face shapes, offering insight into temperament and personality.

For example, a rounded face indicates the water element and a sensitive personality, and a square face is related to the earth element and shows a grounded, practical nature. In India, a Jyotishi or astrologer generally has a basic knowledge of palmistry, face-reading, numerology, phrenology, and gemology. For example, a well-defined and well-proportioned nose indicates a strong Jupiter planet of knowledge and wisdom and is considered to be the mark of intelligence—and someone who would make a good astrologer.

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If you feel that tarot is too straight, too white, too hierarchical, too whatever — and would like to reinterpret the cards for yourself…. Begin any time and go at your own pace. Already signed up? Log in here. This is all about discovering our own ideas about what each card means, using the cards to frame and understand our own lives, our experiences, our choices. Thank you for all of the love, care and time you put into this course.

Tarot readings are arrangements of cards drawn from a shuffled deck. The layout of the cards is known as a spread and determines what each card refers to.

Planetary Movements. Get answers to your questions in 2 simple steps. Tarot Reading is one of the oldest forms of fortune telling that is practiced across the globe. Tarot Card Reading , unravels your future and also your deep hidden secrets. Tarot is basically a deck of cards with each card having a symbolic and deeper meaning. It is a symbolic map of your conscious and subconscious self.

It tells us about the spiritual, material and practical journey of life. And, this reading is done through a spread of cards.

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For many people, the most anguished moments are those times when we are confused with our life decisions and choices. At times like these, proper guidance helps, whether it is consulting our love tarot or seeking advice on life in general. Every tarot card has its meaning depending on its position, so you will get a distinctive and detailed understanding of your current situation. Our tarot card readers will provide with a snapshot of how things are with you at this moment.

You can also refer to it for seeking answers to some specific questions.

Play your cards right, and you’ll have a great week! Here’s what I do: Shuffle my tarot deck and pull out the cards in order from The astrology tradition recently seen on Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking has a long, long history.

Tarot is a mystical world! Many may view Tarot as a casual, spur of the moment fortune telling technique. However, contrary to the popular belief, Tarot is a much deeper and complex subject than what it is thought to be. In fact, it is a unique combination of art and science. Art, because a Tarot Card Reader, besides a keen psychic ability, requires a great deal of intuitive prowess and analytical ability in order to interpret the cards correctly. At the same time, Tarot is also a science, as it constantly strives to produce reliable, consistent and comprehensible results and predictions.

A colourful and alluring deck of Tarot cards can simply be magical! And, its magic can be aptly employed to soothe, counsel, predict and guide. And, can help one connect with his higher, inner self. This very aspect of Tarot makes it unique and more useful. Tarot focuses on analysing the past to address the current problems with a definite view on future to help one take just the right decisions.

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