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Cafe Daum. A witty person who is outstanding in their career. As of celebrities, she chose Crush. Q, for being in the same class in high school. To summarize the scandal, basically a female came out online saying that she used to date Seo Ji Soo, so she was accusing her of being a bisexual, and that Jisoo took pictures of her having sex and spread them around to their friends and the girls colleagues causing her to get fired from her job for being a lesbian. She also accused Seo Ji Soo of being sexually abusive, not only to her but to other females as well. The girl was trying to say that Seo Ji Soo should not be debuting as a kpop idol because she is not a good example and it is not safe for her to be living with seven other females in a dorm.

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Baby Soul Facts: — She had been a trainee for around years. A witty person who is outstanding in their career. As of celebrities, she chose Crush.

Jung Hye-sung has been involved in two dating scandals since her debut in Episode & Episode Sung-kyu (Infinite), Jae-kyung (Rainbow), John Park, Seo In Guk as Kang Woo So Ji Sub as Joo Joong Won / Joo-goon L as young RUNNING MAN [ENG SUB] EPISODE 98 (Woollim Girls – Yoo Jiae, Cho.

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Wgm Gong Myung And Hye Sung Ep 22 Eng Sub

It really is. Girl group and he. Another language.

Read CHAPTER 29 from the story INFINITE’S ANGEL (INFINITE X LOVELYZ) by cute_inspirit with They sat according to the order: Hoya, Sunjong, Sungyeol, L, Sungkyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun + I am officially dating Lovelyz Jiae​.

MyungYeon 2. MyungYa Jin and Hoya 7. MyungJoo Myungsoo and Mijoo 8. HoJeong Sujeong and Hoya 9. BabyWoo Babysoul and Dongwoo. Baby soul x Sunggyu though, its more friendship for many years , and sunggyu likes sexy girls lol.

INFINITE’s Rise: The Cinderella Story

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Boys of Woollim Entertainment, step aside. The talent agency presents you their first-ever girl group, Lovelyz! The music style is not known yet but it looks like the girls will be making their debut with the cute school girl concept as they were seen in their school uniforms. Some of the members of the group have already made various appearances as part of promotions for the agency.

The youngest member, Jeong Yein is only 16 years old this year while the oldest member aka the leader of the group, Babysoul is 22 years old this year. No further details were revealed about the members but we will keep you updated. Ever wondered how the members of Lovelyz work their way up to become one of the highly-anticipated girl groups in ? Woollim Entertainment will show you how. However, similar to most idol groups, these girls knew what they got themselves into and were motivated to practice more so that they can launch their music career.

What do you think of Lovelyz? Are you excited for their debut?

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Because this is one of the reasons they remain humble, hard working and never forget their fans. This golden Fandom is my family and I must share the journey we all joined in with these boys. They had two main acts keeping it afloat, Epik High and Nell. They were highly respected and high artist but hip-hop was still, and still is, not as big as KPop. They still are. But again, rock was still, and still is, not as big as KPop.

Infinite. zeezi The artists at the Map the Soul camp and Epik High are known for Released Date: June 11, The Infinite members were flustered to see JiAe’s friends for the first time, and seemed sad when JiAe had sent them off. That’s L. He was the main character of the Run music video by Epik High.

Their debut album, Girls’ Invasion , was released on November 17, Lovelyz’s debut was first announced on November 5, by Woolim Entertainment. Lovelyz also performed their debut lead single “Candy Jelly Love”. It contains all nine tracks from the debut album, along with two new singles including a title track. The EP was officially released on October 1, It contains seven tracks including the pre-release single “Shooting Star”, and a lead single titled “Ah-Choo”.

The performance gained attention online, and was broadcast on the American Fox News Channel. It was also written about by other foreign media. The tickets were sold out in the first five minutes after they went on sale. They also released a music video for the album’s lead single, “For You”, on the same day.

Lovelyz Jiae Once Lived In The Same House As INFINITE

Each week, couples are assigned missions to complete, while interviews with the. This episode of “We Got Married” airs on February 4 at p. Bomi y Tae Joon cap. Gong Myung and Jung Hye-sung were featured on the show starting in Episode , which aired on December 10, We Got Married; View More; search close.

Lovelyz Wallpaper lockscreen fondo de pantalla HD iPhone Baby Soul, Jiae, Memorize Infinite~ Infinite Members, L Infinite, Kim Myungsoo, Kim Sung Kyu.

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Infinite – ep. 3 of you are my oppa

While we’ve done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. You know that one meme where it’s Jungkook and Taehyung and says “a new fanfic will arrive”?

95 votes, 44 comments. Hello fam! I am happy to announce Infinite as our most voted artist for Week 6 of! Before we start, let’s go over some .

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Henderson Presents Woohyun had a dream to be a soccer player but begun to audition when he realized his true dream was to be a singer. He does not like Sungyeol, although they always do fanservice together. Infinite is the group who made this move famous, all because Hoya had the idea and wanted to add it into the Choreo. Their bright funny personalities had them booked for variety shows and they worked so hard to not that that opportunity their 1st win gave them.

He pushed the members to perfect their mistakes and would not stop asking for perfection.

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Jiae is the mother of the group, she bakes desserts for the members. – Jiae’s nickname is “Elephant Jiae” (Given by Infinite’s L) Kookie had a lot of rumors. some said he was dating Yein, others said he was dating Twice.


Myungsoo Jiae – Come inside